1. Payment in Advance
All field trip tickets/admission must be purchased at the meeting prior to the field trip, paid in full. This payment is necessary to be counted as "Attending" a field trip. Once any group funds are dispersed for any reason (tickets purchased, deposit made, etc), no refunds will be given.
*When applicable or necessary.

2. Caravan Required/Central Meeting Place
Everyone attending a field trip must meet prior to the field trip and caravan together to the field trip location. The location designated for meeting and caravanning will be a location as central as possible to the homes of all group members and the current field trip.

*When applicable or necessary.

If, for any reason, meeting at the caravan location prior to the field trip is impossible or inconvenient, a member may meet at the field trip location provided that they arrive on time. Upon doing so, it is understood that if anything prevents the on time arrival to the location, the rest of the group will proceed with the field trip. 

3. Field Trip Decisions Made by Chain of Command

Any group decisions necessary and pertinent while on a field trip will be made by the group's chain of command, in the same order as any other necessary decisions. This chain is as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Head of Steering, Executive Assistant. The appropriate person needed to make a decision should be contacted by phone if not present at a field trip.

4. Remain With Group

Any members who are attending a group field trip, in attendance with the group, with group purchased tickets. must remain with the group during the entire field trip. The group will reasonably divide and branch off for separate activities, and sometimes splitting into groups is necessary. Other than in these cases, the purpose of School at Home Eagles field trips are to spend time together as a group during fun and interesting experiences, and participating in a group field trip indicates that you both agree with and will contribute to this purpose.
*Within reason and to best of ability.

5. General Behavior

All mothers, children, and other family members attending a School at Home Eagles field trip must agree to and do their best to represent School at Home Eagles well and uphold our reputation as a God-centered and glorifying group who respects others people, property, and the earth. This behavior includes, but isn't limited to, proper disposal of trash, kind and clean language, appropriate attire, appropriate manners, kindness towards others both in and outside the group, obeying establishment rules, following establishment instructions on signs, and listening respectfully to establishment personnel.

Field Trip Guidelines

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