Skill Building Program

What is It?

Our DIY Skill Building Program is a program in which children are assigned various skills each month to work on, develop, explore and build. They earn patches for builiding these skills. These skills are assigned in a variety of topics and the patches are awarded at each meeting for the previous month's patches.

We want to be encouraging the children to be developing a wide variety of skills and to explore a variety of topics. This encourages a love of learning and a great life of the mind. Working on these skills also encourages group participation and increases morale among the children.

Things to Know:

  • Each month, a patch handout is given to mothers at the meeting. This handout lists two monthly DIY skills, and the challenges for both of these skills.

  • To earn a patch, children must choose 2 challenges from the list to complete.

  • The challenges can be interpreted and completed in a variety of ways, and as long as learning is occurring, the patch can be earned.

  • After earning a patch during the month, the mother orders and pays for the patch and the patch is awarded in the Closing Ceremony of the next month's meeting.

  • Patches are reassigned randomly, and if the patch is already earned, the children can complete 2 additional challenges. This will further his skill in the area, and earn him.a Star/Heart to go with the patch. When assigned the 3rd time, children can complete 2 more challenges, earning a Year Rocker to go with the patch. Upon completing 6 challenges and working on a patch for the 3rd time, a student is a Master of the Skill.

  • Children are recognized for their patches at our Yearly Awards Ceremony, and they also receive points for each patch that they earn to be spent in our Point Store.

  • Children may back earn up to 2 years of patches, doing as many in one month as they'd like.

  • Other patches are also often available for things such as field trips, parties and various activities, and are listed on the monthly Patch Handouts.

  • Patch work is based on an honor system, and children are not required to turn in any work. However, if they turn in any work, they will receive extra points for the work, and their work will be displayed at our Yearly Awards Ceremony. All p


  1. 2 Patches Each Month.

  2. 2 Challenges to Earn a Patch

  3. Earn, then Order, then Receive at following meeting.

  4. 1st Time: Patch, 2nd Time: Star. 3rd Time: Rocker

  5. Field Trip, Party, Activity Patches Available

  6. No Limit to Patches Earned in a Month

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