Board of Directors

Crystin started Eagles in obedience to God's leading, never imagining what He was orchestrating. Through His grace alone, Eagles has become the ministry that Crystin imperfectly, but wholly, loves and is devoted to serving. Crystin loves Jesus, her endlessly supportive husband, her sons, and ministering to homeschooling women. She is a boy mom, drinks too much coffee, has too many projects and far too many ideas, and is known to buy any and every book. She hopes to be used for God's glory, for which she knows that she solely exists, in Eagles, her home, her church, and in the lives of all those that God graces her with knowing. She is ever dependent on the sufficient grace of her Saviour, and she dearly loves equipping and edifying homeschool mothers.

Crystin Morris: President

Christina Fondren: Vice President

Kristen Andrew:

Head of Education

Angel Pouland:

Head of Steering

Angel loves God, having a passion for learning and talking about God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. She loves to share verses and help others.

Angel loves her family. Her goal is to teach her boys to love the Lord and to not be ashamed to spread the gospel.

Angel loves Eagles. She desires to help each lady in any way that she can and to pray for each and every one of them. Praying for the Eagles ladies, children and families is her gift, and she prays that we will each mount up on wings like Eagles and spread our wings for God.

          Maggie Shelton:

       Executive Assistant

Hello my name is Margaret Shelton and I am am a mom of two. We have been homeschooling since 2013. I love eagles because it gives my family a place to belong, gives us friends and a supportive community.

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