Mission Statement

In School at Home Eagles, it is our purpose and our mission to provide, create, maintain and grow an environment that is beneficial to every homeschooling mother and child that enters our presence.  

It is our goal and our objective to create and maintain a group that provides support for the homeschooling journey, information for the homeschooling process and a family for the homeschooling parent and child.


 We are formed of women who believe that homeschooling is the best path for our children, and that it isn't simply an education but a way of life.  We believe that we are protecting our children, giving them the best education possible, loving each moment with them and raising them how we each feel called.  We wish to provide each other with a circle of friends with like minds and open hearts, and to provide our children with friends whom understand their way of life and education.

We will each do our best to create and maintain this circle of friends for each other, and to guide our children to create and maintain this circle of friends for each other's children.  We aim to be open, honest, kind, supportive, loving, and compassionate of each other.  It is our goal to have a group of homeschoolers to do activities with and to join in homeschooling fun, but more importantly to have a homeschooling family with which we feel bonded and supportive of. We will make it our mission to be supportive and prayerful of each other in homeschooling and in life.

We aim to be kind to new members and to grow the group. It is our group's mission to make an impact on the world around us, and we will make it our goal to find ways to do so.  It is our purpose to love homeschooling and homeschoolers, to grow as individuals and as a group to create lasting bonds and friendships, to be ministry minded, and to enrich the lives and educations of our children together and individually. It is our mission to be the best homeschooling parents, friends, mothers and women that we can be, and to be a group where success is celebrated and failures are supported.  School at Home Eagles is our group, and we will fulfill its mission in every word, action, and thought to the best of our ability.


Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of Every Month.

10:00 - Mothers and Kids Check-In

10:15 - Prayer List / Opening Prayer

10:25 - Business

10:45 - Devotion / Fellowship

11:35 - Refreshments / Break / Library

11:50 - Raffle

12:00 - Education

 1:30  - Conclude Meeting


Come and try us out and see if we are the family of homeschoolers for you!


Once you decide to join us:

Membership  ...........  $20 annually

Dues  .......................  $3 monthly

Patches  ..................  $1.75 each

T-shirts  ...................  $15 each

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