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It is our purpose and our mission to provide, create, maintain and grow an environment that is beneficial to every homeschooling mother and child that enters our presence. It is our goal and our objective to create and maintain a group that provides support for the homeschooling journey, information for the homeschooling process and a family for the homeschooling parent and child. We are formed of women who believe that homeschooling is the best path for our children and that it isn't simply an education but a way of life.  We believe that we are protecting our children, giving them the best education possible, loving each moment with them and raising them how we each feel called.  We wish to provide each other with a circle of friends with like minds and open hearts and to provide our children with friends whom understand their way of life and education.

Our Classes


Kids are separated into classes, based on age, to participate in lessons, p.e., library, and other activities together while mothers learn and grow together.

  • Hatchlings & Eaglets | Walking to age 4

  • Eagle Nest & Eagles in Flight  |  ages 5-9

  • Soaring Eagles  |  Ages 10+

Meetings and Events

February Meeting
February 13th
10 am - 1:30 pm


*No February Field Trip*
In February, our meeting will include a celebration of Valentine's Day, which will take the place of a field trip for February.

Prayer Conference Call​
712-770-4010 Access Code 60236


February 10th @ 3 pm

.If you are unable to make the call and wish to listen to the recording later you may do so by calling (713) 770.4019. Use the same access code and press #.

ALSO: Daily Calls on Weekday Mornings @ 7 am

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